About Us

Smaller Earth's Czech-based Hello Academies was first set up in 2012 as a means of providing incredible opportunities for young people from all sorts of different backgrounds, through the teaching of the English language. Hello Academies was established in order to offer a globally recognised certification, so you can flit from one corner of the world to another, with cash in your pocket and job opportunities wherever you land. The course could have been set up anywhere, but it just so happened that Smaller Earth decided that the Czech Republic would be the place to roll out the program.

The course is designed to transform you into a confident and experienced teacher, regardless of your teaching background. You could be an absolute beginner, but with hard work and commitment you will walk away from the course feeling like you have owned the classroom for years. You will start out leading 15-20 minute practice lessons and towards the end of the program you will be rolling out 1-hour lessons like a pro. You will be teaching local Czech students of varying ages, usually split across two fluency levels, so your resume will be nice and diverse. Lessons in teaching young learners and one-to-one tutoring will also be included.

Hello Academies has attracted the attention of young people not just from Europe, but from all over the world, proving that the course is a 'must' for many foreign students wanting to travel to the Czech capital.

  • The Smaller Earth team at a company meeting discussing TEFL courses
  • Hello Academies TEFL leaders are joined by the rest of the Smaller Earth team
Hello Academies is fully accredited.
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