Meet Our Team

Tomas Richtr: Director

"My passion for cultural exchange started when I spent my first summer working and travelling in the U.S. Seeing a new culture and way of life was a life-changing experience for me. After that first summer, I knew that I wanted to continue doing cultural exchange programs, which is why I worked in the U.S. for four more summers. 

Being able to facilitate cultural exchange programs such as this TEFL program and Camp Leaders has been a dream come true for me. Offering my advice and personally getting to know each participant is what my job is all about. I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you in Prague and helping make your transition living abroad a success!" 

Shannon Madl: Assistant Director  

"I always knew that I wanted to live a  more exciting life, which is why I chose to permanently move to Prague. After studying abroad here, I fell in love with the city, architecture, and people. Moving here was one of the best and most challenging decisions I have ever made.

For the past two and a half years, I have been teaching English with my TEFL degree as well as working for Smaller Earth Czech Republic. As Assistant Director for the Czech office, helping others embark on a cultural exchange program and knowing all of the great experiences that they will have, is really one of the best parts of my job. For any questions that you may have about studying abroad, getting your TEFL, or other Hello Academies and Smaller Earth  cultural exchange programs, please feel free to email me at"

Martha Supajirawatananon: Course Director

"I have always been passionate about language learning and studying different cultures, so much so that I studied Czech and Russian at university and went on to do a Master's in translation as well as a Masters in Czech and Russian Languages. I have lived and studied in both St Petersburg and Prague, the latter being where I later took up Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
Originally from London, I decided to ditch the double deckers and move to Prague for good as I've been having a love affair with the city ever since a Czech summer school I did in 2005. I've been here five years and counting, and in that time I have been translating, and teaching all levels of English from kindergarteners to corporate bosses. It's been a wonderful ride full of great people and experiences. I'm thrilled now to be able to pass the experience onto new teachers and set them off on their own adventures in TEFL."

Becca Wika: Smaller Earth Program Coordinator/TEFL Trainer

"A year ago I made the move to Prague to complete the Hello Academies TEFL course. Getting a certificate that allows me to travel and teach people the English language is by far the best decision I have ever made. Within this past year I had the chance to teach English at a Preschool and at a Language School here in Prague. Through this I realized the importance of experiencing other cultures by living and working abroad. 

Working at Smaller Earth Czech Republic has given me a chance to use my passions and personal experiences to help people to achieve their dreams of travelling and teaching English to people across the world. I look forward to going into work everyday because of all the lives I get to impact. Whether it's helping one of our TEFL participants with their lesson plan or assisting someone with their application, it's really exciting to be there for each of our participants and see them get one step close to their dream of seeing the world!”

Martin Dermek: Smaller Earth Program Coordinator

"I have always been very open-minded and I knew that I wanted to grow in every aspect of my career. After having spent 2 years working for Smaller Earth Slovakia helping students reach their dreams to travel the world, I decided to start making their dreams come true by working at Smaller Earth Czech Republic so I could inspire more people in this country to go further as well.

I received my Masters in Teaching English and Literature in Slovakia which gave me an experience of understanding people’s needs as well as being patient and helpful. The best part of my job is seeing all the students having fun and absolutely the greatest time of their lives. It is a satisfying feeling which I want to remain in the future and influence peoples‘ lives for better. I am happy to help with anything so please dont hesitate to ask!"


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