About Smaller Earth

We are a group of people who love exploring, who love meeting new people. It's all about finding the backstreet cafe, the secret gig, the things that are different from home.

The idea is that we help you find your adventure, that we help you see the world through a new lense and we hope to see you on the open road.

The smiling group below are based across our offices in the UK, America, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and more.


We dream about airport check in's - getting us closer to new people and new places.

Kim has spent summers in the USA, winters in Australia and toured Europe extensively. She day dreams about that secret little place in Madrid.

Nathan loves all things outdoors, he is the adventurer of the group. If it is a mountain range you are looking to hike after your program Nathan is the man to speak to.

Lydia is our fantastic intern, her biggest challenge is choosing her first program to head out on. A previous superstar intern, Jade, went to South Africa to volunteer – setting the bar high as far as impact goes!

Jon spent numerous summers at camp in the USA, and was also a student out there. He is focused on getting the message out to students, his book it and get out there attitude is the best way to go.

We are Smaller Earth. Positively impacting 20 million people by 2020.

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