Alumni Benefits

So what happens after the course? The Hello Academies program comes with a bunch of benefits for our alumni, as a way for us to say thank you for choosing our program. 

The V.I.T Program

Our Very Important Teachers program is dedicated solely to our graduates. Each and every one of our graduates has come into our lives and had a positive impact at some point and we have all affected each other's journey across the globe, in some way. We are a global family and we want our graduates to have a place that connects us all to each other, brings us together, and fosters the positivity, creativity and sense of fun that we all possess.  

Moving to a foreign country can be a nerve-wracking experience and even once you’re there and settled in, you may still have questions or need assistance. This is where our graduate program comes in. If you’re looking for a new job or interested in finding a new place to live, our graduate group is an amazing resource. Living in a new country could be isolating, but we host V.I.T events every month for everyone to catch up, reconnect and socialize, as well as introduce our new TEFL trainees to a ready-made friendship group to support them throughout their time in Prague!

The V.I.T Loyalty Card

We want to make your transition abroad as easy and as affordable as possible, which is why we offer all of our graduates a free V.I.T loyalty card, enabling them to secure a bunch of great discounts at awesome locations all around Prague. Our discounts include:

  • 5% off at the Candy Store
  • 10% off all food and drinks at Expats BBQ Bar
  • 10% off food and desserts at the Globe Bookstore
  • 10% off food at Raclettka Restaurant
  • 10% off escape games at Mindmaze
  • 10% off at Paprika 
  • 10% off regular menu items at Mesy
  • 100czk off Clock Tower Bar Crawl
  • Free fries or salad with every sandwich, burger or hot dog at Dirty Dog truck
  • Jerolov Rognvaldson - 15% off all services: personal training, boxing, Muay Thai and more

We are always adding more discounts so keep checking back!

The V.I.T Referral Program

As another way to give back to our graduates we are offering a 1500CZK bonus for any graduate who refers a friend to do our course. Once your friend travels to Prague and starts our course, we will transfer the bonus money over to you!

Positive Impact

As part of our company mission to positively impact 20 million people by 2020, Hello Academies organize frequent fundraising events, such as charity quizzes and games nights to raise money for local causes. By choosing Hello Academies, you are choosing to ensure your impact around the world is an excellent one.

  • Two TEFL students smiling for the camera during a social event in Prague
  • A group of TEFL students exploring Prague.
  • Hello Academies and V.I.T loyalty cards
  • Hello Academies coordinators enjoying the sun in Prague.
  • TEFL students with one of the most popular drinks in Prague
Hello Academies is fully accredited.
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