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10 Epic Reasons to Put Prague on Your Bucket List

When thinking of Europe and all the amazing cities you could see, it can be tough to choose which cities will make your bucket list. We’ve made the decision a little easier for you by putting together 10 epic reasons why you should be putting Prague straight on your bucket list. Before you finish reading this blog, you’ll already be planning how you will spend your time in this magical city!


1. The beer

The Czech Republic is known to consume the most liters of beer than any other country in Europe and there is definitely a reason for that! The Czech Republic produces some of the best beer in the world: Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser Budvar, Staropramen, etc. What’s even better about the beer is that it is cheaper than water, so you can enjoy that refreshing and delicious, golden drink with your meals and not have to worry about making a dent in your wallet.


2. Prague Castle

Resting high up on the hill overlooking the city is the Prague Castle. It is known to be the largest castle complex and largest ancient castle in the world, which dates back to the 9th century. Whether you are walking around the castle courtyards and gardens, watching the changing of the guards, or checking out the amazing views, you’ll feel like royalty the whole time.


3. The architecture

Prague is definitely a city you won’t mind getting lost in because every street and corner is filled with beautiful architecture. The city showcases around 15 different architecture styles ranging from Romanesque to Communist Era styles. You will never be bored walking around the streets of Prague, if anything, there are surprises everywhere you look!


4. Charles bridge

The Charles Bridge is a stone bridge that crosses the Vltava River. It was constructed in 1357 and has been an iconic symbol of Prague ever since. Beware, it can get pretty busy since it’s the most common connection from the Prague Castle to Old Town Square. It’s totally worth waking up early to catch the sunrise and take a peaceful stroll across the bridge!


5. Festivals

For all you festival goers, Prague is a great city to head go to. Throughout the year, Prague hosts many different kinds of food, music, comedy, etc. festivals. Anytime of the year you come, you are sure to find a festival that will interest you!


6. Gardens and parks

If you are looking for something a little more relaxing to do, check out one of Prague’s gardens and parks. The more popular parks where you can find some nice views of the city are Riegrovy Sady and Letna Park. Both have beer gardens so you can relax while having some refreshments. Also, the Prague Castle and some of the palaces that are throughout the city have beautiful gardens you can walk around in.


7. Nightlife

Prague is known for its fun and crazy nightlife. There are loads of underground pubs throughout the city where you can buy cheap beer and drinks. If you like more of the club scene, just off of Old Town Square is a street called Dlouha. It’s perfect for pub crawling since it has loads of discos that play 80/90s, rock, hip-hop, and dance music.



Who could say no to an amazing view of a beautiful European city? Prague is a pretty hilly city so with that comes many spectacular views of red-roofs and hundreds of spires that stretch across the city. Go to any high ground and you will be sure to find a view that will stop you in your tracks and leave you speechless.


9. Easy day trips

There is more to the Czech Republic than just Prague and lucky for you, there are a few great cities just within 2 hours or less that will leave you with a great impression of the Czech Republic. Our suggestions: Karlstejn Castle, Kutna Hora - home of the famous bone church the Sedlec Ossuary, and for any nature lovers, the highest mountain in the Czech Republic, Sněžka.


10. Cobbled-stone streets and alleys

Prague is an ancient city, so for all you history buffs out there, it will be such an exciting feeling to be walking on cobbled-stone streets that Kings and Queens once strolled across. One of the greatest things about wandering through the streets of Prague are all the hidden treasures you end up finding. Whether it’s a small old church or a beautiful building with an intricate design, you’ll always want your phone ready to snap the perfect instagram pic!


Now that we’ve convinced you on why Prague should be on your bucket list, what are you waiting for, start packing and planning that next adventure of yours!


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