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How to Travel the World and Get Paid For It

There are so many different ways to travel the world! You can backpack, volunteer, do a  work and travel program, Au Pair, or personally my favorite - teach English. With all the different ways that you could travel around the world, you definitely want to do it where you are making money along the way. Yes backpacking and volunteering are great, but that means saving a big chunk of money before hand and using that when you are travelling. Work and travel programs allow you to work in a tourism position and set up time to travel at the end of the program or when you have free time. Being an Au Pair allows you to get free housing and work full time with the idea of traveling occasionally. Teaching English though...definitely one of the best ways to travel the world and finance your way through it. 
Why do I think this is the best option? Simply the flexibility with your schedule so it is easy to do so. But first, you need to obtain a (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) TEFL certification first. There are courses all over the world that run every month, so it is very convenient. I took my TEFL course in Prague through Hello Academies and had some an amazing time so I highly recommend them. The course is a short 4-weeks and then once you are certified, you can use your certificate and teach anywhere in the world; plus it doesn’t have an expiration date. 
Once I completed my course, Hello Academies provided so much job support that I had jobs lined up for the following Monday after the course was completed. I decided to stay in Prague because I loved the city and convenience it was to the surrounding countries, plus their currency had an amazing exchange rate so the cost of living was very low. I worked at a language school full time and that is where the flexibility of my teaching schedule was perfect for traveling. Every week I would be sent different groups or persons that wanted English lessons and I was able to create my own schedule. I was so lucky because I could work full time and make great money, and if I needed to leave early on Friday so I could head off on a long weekend trip then I could easily do so. 
It was just so amazing! In the year that I was teaching, I was able to see a handful of countries around Europe as well as numerous cities throughout the Czech Republic. Working as a full time English teacher in Prague earns you a good chunk of money that covers all your basic needs and bills, and then leaves you some left over to travel. But the even better part? That traveling around Europe was so easy and cheap to do so!! A round trip bus or train ride from Prague to Berlin or Munich or Vienna or Bratislava was $40 max and was 4-5 hours long. So that meant easy weekend trips where I could leave Friday afternoon and return Sunday night. Plus Prague is a great airport hub that connects to all of Europe so flights anywhere that are too long for a bus ride are just a couple hours away for $100-$200 and sometimes less. 
Teaching English and getting TEFL certified personally to me is the best way to work and travel abroad. It will become hard when you want to travel every weekend with so many destinations but once you can start making money and planning your future free time, it is very easy and so worth it. I would never take back any of the trips that I did. And I never would have imagined that by signing up for a simple 4-week TEFL course in Prague was going to allow me to see so many amazing things that most people will never get to see in their lifetime. How many people do you know who have spent NYE in Paris or took a road trip around Ireland? 

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