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Prague's Best Bits - Rebecca Recommends

Summer is one of the busiest times in Prague so we decided to interview members of our Hello family to get their best advice on things to see and do to help you make the most of the sunniest months!

First up is our program coordinator Rebecca, who got her TEFL qualification through Hello Academies in 2014 and moved to Prague full time in 2015. She’s originally from Liverpool, England, has big plans to marry Prince Harry and strongly believes in the healing properties of Capri-Sun.

We asked Rebecca...

Where is the best place to eat in Prague? 

Before I moved to Prague I was really nervous about the food. I have Coeliac disease (I know I know, can't be gluten free without mentioning it at least once!) so trying to eat safely in a new country where I don’t speak the language was daunting to say the least. However, luckily for me, the Czech Republic recently introduced a law that every menu has to have allergy information and I find it extremely easy to eat at restaurants here, even small traditional Czech restaurants. I would go as far to say it is easier to eat here than at home in the UK! There are so many options for many dietary requirements, and vegetarian and vegan restaurants are in abundance too!

My favourite place to eat lunch has to be Mamy Food, a Korean restaurant not far from my office. They make the most incredible sushi fusion rolls – my favourite is the avocado roll that comes with tofu, banana, tamago and a kiwi sauce but they also offer brilliant lunch sets too, for a really good price.

For an evening meal I would have to choose Las Adelitas, my favourite authentic Mexican restaurant. There are three locations for this restaurant, and each one uses a slightly different recipe for certain dishes so that each experience is unique. Their food is just amazing and of course you have to have a margarita too. The frozen chilli mango flavour is one you have to try!

Is it bad that I haven’t mentioned any Czech restaurants? I came all the way to Prague to eat sushi and burritos… I’m really embracing cultural exchange. Try some goulash everybody, you won’t regret it!

Tell us about one 'must-see' thing Prague has to offer.

Okay so maybe I’m terrible at recommending Czech food but this one, I’m gonna nail it. My absolute must-see in Prague is the Lennon wall. It is my number one favourite spot in the city – I have never felt such an emotional connection with a place as I do to this. Maybe this sounds weird, but every time I go there and stand in front of this wall, it moves me to tears. If you haven’t heard of it, basically the Lennon wall became a representation of peace, free speech and non-violent rebellion for Czech youths back in the 1980’s. It is covered in messages of love, John Lennon-inspired graffiti, lyrics from Beatles songs and all kinds of pictures and quotes. One of the things I love most about this wall is that every time I go there (and I go often) it looks completely different from the last time.

If you go early in the morning it is usually quiet and no one else is around. There is this great sense of calm as you stand there, in the spot that people stood years before trying to find a way to peacefully express how they felt about the regime they lived under. If you go later in the day, it will be busier, but there will often be a busker there, signing John Lennon songs which really adds to the atmosphere. If you want to see a piece of history, this is a spot you simply have to visit!


What about your favourite place to dance the night away?

As you can see I am extremely talented when it comes to dancing, but even terrible dancers deserve their time in the spotlight so this one is easy for me! Po Po CafĂ© in Ujezd. There are four of these in different locations but the one in Ujezd is where I spent most of my Saturday nights. This student bar has ridiculously cheap drinks and a really good DJ. He refuses to play One Direction, but when you’re only paying 35CZK for a rum and coke it’s easy to forgive the lack of boyband magic happening on the dance floor. Plus, back to my earlier point about terrible dancing, if you stick around long enough, you can join in on Cotton Eyed Joe and the YMCA... What more could you possibly need?


Describe your perfect weekend in Prague?

I feel like Miss Rhode Island on Miss Congeniality describing her perfect date...I love to fill my weekends with as many fun things as I can. I would recommend starting out by buying tickets for a boat cruise along the river Vltava. You can get them for pretty cheap online and the surrounding buildings look beautiful at any time of the day or night. Speaking of cheap tickets, you can also find great deals on opera or ballet tickets, with seats costing as little as 100 CZK! Brunch at Bohemia Bagel on Saturday morning is a must, followed by taking the tram up to Prague castle. You can walk around the castle grounds, go inside St Vitus cathedral and then walk down the steps to the city, stopping at the amazing viewpoints along the way. From there you can stroll across Charles bridge and finally finish up in Old Town Square to see the astronomical clock and grab a trdelnik if you’re feeling hungry. Saturday night is obviously already mapped out with drinks and dancing until the early hours and Sunday, if you’re not feeling too delicate, I recommend you jumping on a train to Karlstejn to see the incredible Disney-esque castle there and grab some traditional Czech food for lunch. Public transport is so efficient here that you can travel around easily and fit a lot into one day.


So, what's your favourite thing about living here?

There are honestly so many but I think for me, my favourite thing about living here has to be the beautiful backdrop to all of my new adventures. There is not a single day that passes that I don’t look out of the tram window and feel so completely overwhelmed, or cross the street and come across a gorgeous building I have never noticed before. This was really cemented for me when my family came to visit recently and I got to see Prague through new eyes again. I pinch myself every day that I live here – I really can’t believe it.

Well... that and the fact that it is socially acceptable to eat ice-cream for breakfast here. Who knew such a place existed?!


How could you not pay attention to these five top tips straight from the mouth of future royalty? Look out for our next Best Bits, featuring our Assistant Director, Shannon Madl!


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