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Teach the World: Croatia

In our next "Teach the World" blog segment, we got in touch with Raechel Lemis who spent some time last summer teaching English in Croatia at summer camp. Teaching English at summer camps are awesome opportunities for English teachers. Read on to find out more about Raechel's experience! 


1. When did you take the TEFL course with Hello Academies? Where are you currently teaching and what inspired you to choose this destination?


I went to Hello Academies in fall of 2016. I am still in the Prague area and currently teach at an international preschool in Prague 6. Working with the kids here has made me so happy and I continue to stay here for them and of course it’s Prague so duh.


2. Can you tell us about the opportunity you had to teach Czech students in Croatia for the summer? What was a typical day like for you?

My summer in Croatia was amazing! The program consisted of two weeks with two sets of kids ranging from age 6-17. On the first week we all left from Prague and took a bus to Croatia. All teachers and staff then stayed there and second set of students were brought to us. We all stayed at a hostel designed for children in summer camps like ours. Every morning we woke up around 8am, got dressed, and then went to breakfast in the hall by 9am. Once we ate we had about 15 minutes before heading to our first lesson. The director of the camp provided us with all the materials for the lesson which included a book, papers, pens, music, etc. We had an hour lesson and then prepared for the beach. We were located in Selce which is right on the Adriatic sea! As a camp we all went to the beach for a couple of hours. Afterwards we went up for lunch around 12pm. We had a rest hour before our second lesson. In the afternoon we did special activities (football, making friendship bracelets, playing beach games, etc.) before going back to the beach. After dinner, once we all showered and freshen up we would go into the city center for ice cream and the kids got to explore the city. One day out of the week we would do an excursion! Our director chartered a boat to take us to surrounding islands to explore the architecture and go to a sand beach (the beach at our hostel was a rock beach).

3. What was the process like for getting this teaching job?

I was pretty lucky when I got this job! My roommate applied and got the job and afterwards she recommended me for the job. The next day I applied, interviewed and got the job! Since the school was based in Prague, my visa and zivno was all that was required for me to go on the trip. Our director paid for room and board for us during the trip and even some ice cream for us! Any extra food or souvenirs, such as 9 bottles of local wine to bring home was, of course, at our expenses.

4. What was your favorite thing about working at a summer camp in another country and why?

This experience was amazing!!!! We were a little nervous since we would be away from Prague but our director was so kind. He treated us as family and made sure that we had time to enjoy Croatia as much as the kids were. We were having just as many new experiences as the kids which was really fun! Additionally, since we weren’t in a typical classroom setting it was easier to build relationships with the students. Even though we were only together for a week, we became a close knit group. The director has already invited us back for this summer which will be in Italy!!!!


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