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TEFL in Prague

The world is a large place and if you are like us at Smaller Earth, we want to see it all! One of the best ways to finance a life of traveling the world and enhancing your CV/resume at the same time is getting TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certified. Read on to find out why we think it will be the best decision you will ever make if you TEFL in Prague! 
When thinking about where to get TEFL certified, it is important to consider the following factors: is the course accredited, are there networking opportunities available, are you going to get valuable hands-on teaching experience, are there many job opportunities available, will you experience a new culture, and will there be a good work-life balance once you start teaching? Lucky for you, if you TEFL in Prague, your answers to all those questions will be yes! 

An accredited TEFL Certificate

At Hello Academies, our TEFL in Prague course is accredited by the UK-based company called IATQUO. They are an internationally recognized company and they set all the requirements and guidelines that our TEFL students need to meet to become confident and qualified English teachers. Our accreditors have created a program that ensures each of our participants will gain all the basic skills that language schools all over the world require their English teachers to have. This is a great benefit to you because after you get some experience teaching English in Prague, you can then go off to Asia, South America, Africa, or to another European country to teach English. The opportunities are endless! 

Plenty of networking opportunities 

When you TEFL in Prague with Hello Academies, there are many networking opportunities available! To start, after you graduate get awarded your certificate, you will join our amazing alumni community. We have many alumni who are still living and working here in Prague. A lot of them are working for various language schools and preschools. During the TEFL course, we plan events where you can connect with the alumni living in Prague and you can network with them to find a job. A lot of our alumni will put up job postings in our alumni facebook group anytime the school they are working for is looking to hire a new English teacher. In the past, recent graduates have even taken over teaching positions for alumni who are looking to leave Prague to move back home or relocate to a new country. 
Hello Academies also has connections with various schools in Prague. Every time these schools are in need of a new teacher, they send us a job ad which we share with our alumni. Also, we have schools that come in on the last day of the course to share their job opportunities and what it is like to work at their schools. Our participants can give them their CVs and potentially get a job within the next week. These networks are a great reason to TEFL in Prague!

Hands-on teaching practice to perfect your skills

With anything you do in life, practice makes perfect. This is why when you TEFL in Prague with Hello Academies, we set aside ten or more hours throughout the course for you to get hands-on teaching and observation practice. We value development and learning from your mistakes and experiences, so that is why teaching local Czech students English is very important. Our students get to apply all the teaching methodologies, like lesson planning, error correction, classroom management, etc. during these one hour English lessons. 
You will gain experience teaching different levels: pre-intermediate, intermediate, and upper-intermediate level students. This is great preparation and will make you more appealing to employers. Also, to make sure you are extra qualified for when you graduate and teach on your own, you will get feedback after each lesson from one of the TEFL trainers to learn what you are doing well on and what you can improve on for future lessons. By the end of the course, you will be amazed by the progress you have made!

So many job opportunities 

One of the best things about teaching English in Prague is the amount of job opportunities that are available throughout the year! Yes, there are peak hiring seasons: September and January, but don’t let that limit you to when you decide to move to Prague. Anytime throughout the year, language schools are hiring English teachers so you will be able to find a job no matter when you come to TEFL in Prague. 
The options for jobs are endless. You can teach English to young learners in preschools and language schools. Parents will invest a lot of money so their children can learn English, so if you are interested in teaching young learners, this is the place for you. If you are more interested in working with adults, don’t worry there are also a lot of job opportunities in this area! You can teach adults general English at language schools and Business English is one of the most popular jobs. If you are one who likes to be self-employed, private lessons are the best option for you. 

Experience the Czech culture

Getting the chance to experience a different culture from your own is one of the most exciting and exhilarating things. It’s amazing to be able to learn about other country’s culture and traditions, as well as share your own with those people. It all helps to make this world just a little bit smaller. 
When you TEFL in Prague, you will be introduced to a culture who loves beer so much it’s cheaper than water. You will get to see the love these people have for their family and nature that they leave Prague on the weekends to spend time with each other in a cottage in the mountains. You will get to experience a true European dinner experience at a restaurant where you sit for two, three, or more hours drinking, eating and chatting with friends with no rush at all. Also if you come for a holiday in Prague, you can celebrate the Czech way by visiting a Christmas market or Easter market and buy traditional Czech food and goods. Also if you are feeling brave, you can even try to learn a bit of Czech language. Czech people are truly proud of their country and all they have gone through and it’s beautiful to get to learn all about it while you live in Prague. 

A work-life balance you’ve dreamed about

In Prague, a  good work-life balance is important to most people. If this is something you aim for, then what are you waiting for? When you TEFL in Prague you will find it is easy to make enough money to live comfortably without working 2 jobs and 50-60 hours a week. Most English teachers work about 20-25 hours a week and are able to make a salary to pay their rent, basic living expenses, and still have money leftover to go out on weekends or travel. If you plan to live like a local, many Czech people enjoy getting drinks or coffee with friends after work or go to the gym or take classes to learn a foreign language. Teaching English in Prague will give you the time and money to be able to do all of this without any worry.
Now that we convinced you on this decision, contact one of our team members in our Prague office at and they will help you get started on your TEFL in Prague adventure! 

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