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The Benefits of Taking an In-Person TEFL Course

Once you make that sweet decision of becoming an English teacher and getting TEFL certified, the next thing to consider is whether you will take an online course or an in-person course. Our Hello Academies TEFL in Prague course offers a four-week, in-person TEFL course. Even though in-person TEFL courses are more expensive, we feel the advantages out-weight the disadvantages. So let’s take a closer look at the benefits of taking an in-person TEFL course!


Immerse yourself into a new culture

Being able to immerse yourself into a new culture and learn about a different country’s traditions is one of the most exciting and eye-opening experiences. It is definitely something you should do at least once in your life. Taking an in-person TEFL course is one of the best ways to make this happen. Once you arrive in this new country, you will soon learn about the locals favorite restaurants to eat at, the pubs and cafes they feel at home at, the holidays they celebrate, they way they dress and so much more. Also, the locals will most likely be interested in your own culture, so you can even share with them traditions and pieces of your life back home.


To give you a better idea, when our students come to Prague to take our Hello Academies TEFL certification course, they are not just taking a course to learn how to teach English. They are also immersing themselves into the Czech culture. They get to live like a local by drinking beer at lunch and dinner time, spending the weekends outside in the park or in the mountains at a cottage, and spending time with friends in the evening at a cafe or pub. They also get to learn a little bit of the Czech language and become friends with other Czech locals.


Transition into life abroad easier

If you plan to live in the country after the TEFL course, your transition into your new life abroad will be a lot smoother and easier if you take an in-person TEFL course. A lot of courses have Program Coordinators who can assist you in finding housing to live in after the course, help you open up a bank account, give you advice on the best phone services and plans to use, and the best doctors to go to, and give you tips for living like a local in the city.


Taking an in-person TEFL course also gives you the chance to connect with alumni from the school who are already living and working in the city. You can hear first hand about their personal experiences so you have a better idea of what you can expect. Also, you can become apart of a community and meet people who you can become friends with.


At Hello Academies, our Program Coordinators are there for our students to make sure their move abroad is a stress-free as possible. During the course, they already help participants who are planning to staying in Prague after the course, find housing. They also give advice on how to open up bank accounts and tell you which phone companies are the best to work with. The Program Coordinators also connect you with visa specialists to help you work legally in the Czech Republic. This service is provided to all participants and it is offered anytime our students need the help!


Face-to-face training

Since training to become an English teacher can be an intense process, it is always better to get help and support from people who have already gone through the same process as you are about to go through. So for those who enjoy learning by doing and having an instructor who can provide them with support and teach using an individual approach, taking an in-person TEFL course is the way to go. Being able to learn the different teaching methodologies face-to-face can be much easier and more effective. You won’t have to do it on your own, you can have visuals, demos, and then get actual practice applying the different methodologies. On top of that, you will get feedback from qualified trainers who can share their teaching experiences with you and make you a confident English teacher as well. In a short time you will be amazed by the progress you are making!


A real-life example, at Hello Academies, all staff are qualified English teachers and have taken similar courses to the TEFL course we offer. They assist all participants with completing lesson plans and any other homework assignments. Every day students take part in face-to-face modules to learn the different teaching methodologies and grammar. The trainers also provide any support that the students need to ensure they are all successful in passing their English lessons and assignments.


Real life teaching practice

As we mentioned above, taking an in-person TEFL course will give you the chance to practice and apply the teaching methodologies you learn throughout the course. When training to become an English teacher, the best way to learn and progress is by doing. In this case, you will get the chance to plan and deliver actual English lessons to real life language learners. As an added bonus, you will get feedback from your trainers who will tell you what you did well on and how you can improve for future lessons. Being able to already interact with language learners from the country and start learning about the different grammar forms they struggle with will help you once you become an English teacher at a language school.


In Prague, our students are teaching native Czech, Slovak, or Russian speakers English. They are exposed to different English levels which can help prepare them for when they teach on their own at a language school. Also, our students are already getting hands-on practice managing any difficult students and applying effective strategies when making error corrections. This experience is vital for our students to become confident and qualified teachers.


Job and networking opportunities

When you take an in-person TEFL course in the city you plan to live and work in, you can get a head start with finding jobs. You can check the expat website for the city you are taking the course in and job-posting sites to find local English teaching jobs. This way you can already send in your CV and cover letter and schedule face-to-face interviews after you get your certificate.


Most in-person TEFL courses offer workshops throughout their course to help you prepare effective CV/Resumes and cover letters that will help you get an English teaching job abroad. Some countries include different things on the CVs so it is always good to be informed on the norms of the country to show employers you are adaptable and open-minded.


You can also expect in-person TEFL courses to have connections with local language schools. At Hello Academies we have language schools in Prague come in on the last day of the course to give presentation about the jobs they are offering and what the benefits are to work at their school. Students can give the schools a copy of their CV and potential get a job offer the next week.


There are also networking opportunities within the alumni community of the in-person TEFL course. For example, at Hello Academies we have an alumni FaceBook group that our alumni can post job opportunities on. In the past, recent graduates have even taken over English teaching positions for alumni who are relocating to a different country or returning home after spending some time abroad.


Friends to support you

One of our favorite advantages to taking an in-person TEFL course is the chance to meet like-minded people from all over the world and share the experience of getting certified to teach English with other people. The course is pretty intensive and a lot of work that goes into the four weeks, so it is always more motivating and better to have people there by your side to push you and support you along the way. In the quick short month, you’ll be amazed how close you get with the other students on your course. You gain so many memories that you will have for a lifetime and that just makes the experience much more fun. Also, having met new friends on the TEFL course, you can all help each other out, study together, quiz each other, and brainstorm ideas for lessons. This makes the course work a lot easier and go by much quicker!


Our students who attend our Hello Academies TEFL certification course become like family. Even though they come from different parts of the world, they all have a similar goal and similar interests that it brings them together. After graduating, even if some students leave the Prague to go back home or go to teach in a different country, they all stay in touch. They also now know people who live in different parts of the world and they can go an visit in the future!


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