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Job FAQs

How hard is it to find a job in Prague?

Finding a job in Prague is a much easier process than in many other places in the world if you have your TEFL certificate. Schools in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic hire year-round for TEFL-certified teachers. There is a high demand for English language teachers in Prague.


What is a typical salary for TEFL teachers?

Teaching English in the Czech Republic provides you with enough money to live comfortably while having enough money to travel on the weekends. With a full-time teaching schedule (around 35 hours per week), most teachers will earn between 20,000-28,000 CZK (1,000-1,500 USD).


What are the best months to get your TEFL and find a job?

There are teaching jobs available in Prague year-round, as new courses in businesses and in language schools are always starting, and EFL teachers come and go. However, language schools do most of their hiring in September-October, with another hiring period in February (before the beginning of each semester).  If you'd like to work in a preschool, the best time to get your TEFL certification would be July or August, before the school year starts. Primary and secondary schools do their hiring in April-May for the following school year (September). Language schools will hire teachers year round. 


What types of jobs are available with a TEFL certificate?

In the Czech Republic, TEFL-certified teachers are able to work independently doing private lessons, for international schools, at primary and secondary schools, at language schools, and in businesses that want their employees to learn English. Throughout the summer, there are many camps needing to hire English teachers as well.


How many hours per week will I work?

With language schools, a full-time schedule usually means 18 to 25 teaching hours (45 minutes each) per week.  Most teachers work for more than one language school in order to have more flexibility with their teaching schedule, and to gain more teaching hours. Most teachers also supplement their primary employer with private lessons. Finally, if you choose to work at a preschool, you will typically work 30-34 hours per week, but with only a few teaching hours each day.


What's a typical working day like in Prague?

When working for a language school, in businesses, and/or with private lessons, you will spend your day preparing for upcoming lessons, travelling to and from the lessons, and teaching 60- or 90- minute lessons. Most teachers will average 3 to 4 lessons per day, depending on their schedule. Primary and secondary school lessons will usually be between 8am and 4pm. Preschools have a much different schedule: A typical day might start at 9am with singing and games, followed by snack time.  You would teach lessons from 10am to 12pm, have lunch, story time, play time, snack time, and finally, afternoon programming.  You would always finish by 5 pm.


Is there a need for TEFL teachers?

In Prague there is always a need for TEFL-certified teachers. Another aspect to consider is all of the other great cities in the Czech Republic that are also hiring: Brno, Ostrava, Liberec, and Plzen. Getting your TEFL in Prague and relocating after your graduation would give you a chance to see more of the Czech Republic and increase your job opportunities.


What type of job assistance do you offer?

Finding a job in a foreign country can be a stressful experience. Not knowing where to apply, how to tailor your resume, nor what the interview will be like are all issues that foreigners face when moving to a new country and looking for work. Hello Academies makes it a priority to help you with all your job-related needs.

Throughout the course, you will receive:

  • Updated job listings posted daily
  • Interview and CV-writing workshops
  • Meeting with local language schools
  • Networking opportunities throughout the course
  • Job placement services in our partner companies
  • A few of our partner companies: Ripofim Law, KSPA Highschools, Ekofrukt Company and more!


While You're Away FAQs

What is the support like overseas?

Our program coordinator is available to you 24 hours per day, in case of emergencies. Throughout the course you will have frequent check ins to make sure you are managing the workload and you’ll have visa, housing and job support too!

Will I be met at the airport?

Absolutely, we will pick you up and take you to the apartment where you’ll be staying. You’ll even learn some fun facts about Prague along the way.

Will I be on my own or will there be others living/working in the same area as me?

We actually lease our own apartment, affectionately known as TEFL Flat, where you’ll be staying throughout the course with your coursemates. We actually have a bet running on whether the name will stick, so for the sake of our Program Coordinators, give it a try!

What’s the best way to keep in touch with home while I’m away?

That kind of depends on your preferences. The apartment and the school both have wifi, so you can connect via that, or you could get an international sim card to call home, or you could send mail via carrier pigeon… it’s really up to you.


Before You Go FAQs

Are meals included in the cost?

On the first day of the course we will treat you to a delicious lunch at a Czech pub. On the last day of the course we will have a graduation celebration with tons of Czech snacks to eat. As for the rest of the time, you’ll be providing your own meals.

Can I go with my friend/boyfriend/girlfriend?

100%! We have had many people come in couples, pairs and even whole friendship groups to take our course! Provided we have availability on your desired month, we’ll happily host you and all your loved ones! There is no age limit either, so if Grandma or Grandpa feel like taking a European adventure, there’s room for them too.

Can I bring my pet?

Our apartment is pet-free but we have had a few graduates who upon completing the course and finding pet-friendly accommodation, have reunited with their furry best friends from across the pond.

Will I need injections?

Nope, you should be all set with the basic immunisations that you already have.

Do I need to speak the local language?

The ability to speak Czech is absolutely not necessary in Prague, there really isn’t a language barrier. However, as part of the course, you will receive some ‘survival’ Czech lessons, to help you feel more at home here. You’d be surprised how common it is to hear English being spoken when you’re out and about - plus, locals will love the opportunity to practice with you!

Do I need to be an American, Canadian or British citizen?

We accept applications from all over the world, however, before you begin the process we encourage you to have a little look at the visa requirements for your specific country, as sometimes the process can be tricky!

Can I talk to people who have completed the course?

Of course! Our alumni group is extremely active and they love getting to know new potential applicants. We can put you into contact with them and you can ask them all about what’s hot or not in Prague. We also have several different review platforms where you can read our graduate feedback to help you see if this is the right course for you.

What if I have more questions?

It’s natural to have a ton of questions, you’re about to change your life! We have a highly experienced team here in Prague ready to talk you through all the details, plus an in-country support network for you AND an incredible group of fun, friendly and knowledgeable graduates who love talking about their time on our course and their life in Prague. We can put you in touch with a bunch of them and you’ll have all of your questions answered in no time!

Where will I live if I plan to stay there straight after the course? Will I be able to stay and rent from the accommodation you provide?

As part of the course you will be given assistance and advice on finding housing. Apartments in Prague are spacious, beautiful and cheap, so you shouldn’t have too many problems finding a great place to live. You will be checked out of our accommodation the day after the course ends but by that point you will be well prepared for moving out and starting your next adventure.


Application FAQs

When do I have to pay my program fees by?

Your program balance and required documents should be submitted within 30 days of your course start date, so that we can secure your spot in the apartment.

What is the meet over Skype like?

The Skype meet is really informal, it’s just a casual chat over skype. We just want to learn a bit more about you and what motivates you so that we can guide you through this experience in the best possible way. It also gives you a chance to ask some questions and set your expectations for the course.

What is the deposit for?

When you register your initial interest in the program you will receive some info by email as well as a phone call. You can chat to your country office team as much as you like while you decide if the program is for you, in fact we encourage it, so that you can make an informed decision. Once you have made that decision you will pay the deposit to secure your spot on your preferred course date. We want to spend time meeting serious applicants and guiding them through the process, so the deposit is a sign of commitment. It is not an additional cost though, it comes off the total cost of the program for you.

Is it possible to fail the course?

While it is possible to fail a TEFL course, it isn’t common. If you are willing to show up, work hard, complete your homework and take feedback on board you shouldn’t have a problem. We communicate with you about your progress throughout the course though, so if there are areas in which you need help, it will be addressed long before you reach the point of possibly failing. We want you to succeed!

What job opportunities are available?

The amazing thing about the visa and the work permit here is that you are eligible to work anywhere you like! If you love teaching, you can stay in that field and work ….

Our TEFL course will equip you with a ton of transferable skills so you may decide you’d like to try something new. We have had graduates working in marketing, events management, the food and beverage industry, hospitality, social media and so much more.

Is it difficult to find a job after the course?

The Czech Republic is crying out for English teachers, and job opportunities are around every corner. We have a 100% success rate of our graduates finding jobs within three weeks of their course ending, and often, many of them have jobs lined up by the end of the second week!




































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