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You’ve already come to this page, so there’s not much more talking we need to do to inform you how spectacular Prague is. Perhaps you’ve always thought of the idea of packing up and moving to Prague as far-fetched? Maybe the idea of travelling and moving abroad anywhere has always seemed like an implausible dream. Well, we’ve put together some useful information that showcases exactly how cheap it is to live in Prague and all the wonderful opportunities it has to deliver.

Read on for lists of costings for particulars such as groceries, entertainment and healthcare. You’ll also find included, a handy guide to the history, culture and nightlife of this bustling city, alongside our recommendations. So, what are you waiting for? Get stuck in and we’ll be sure to see you soon!


Cost of Living

Monthly rent for a flat in Prague is much lower in price than compared to some of the bigger cities throughout Europe and the USA. The total cost for rent will usually include all utilities and most flats will come fully furnished. 

There are many large grocery stores in Prague, including Tesco, Billa, and Albert. Most grocery items that you can buy in your home country can also be found here. When you go grocery shopping, you should bring your own bag, or buy them at checkout for a few cents each, depending on the size and quality.

Prague also boasts a few large marketplaces, such as Holesovicka Trznice, where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, and even second-hand goods and housewares.  Farmer's markets are also located around the city during all but the coldest months, including one just a few minutes' walk from our school.



Prague has a simple, colour-coded metro system, which makes travelling around the city extra easy. The city provides metro, tram, bus and commuter railway services, with trams running approximately every ten minutes, 24 hours a day. As with most cities, the public transport system is the cheapest form of getting around. 

If you are planning on using a taxi service, we advise you to avoid a higher fare by calling a private taxi company or hail a taxi from an app, such as Uber. Click the link for full transportation details!


Food & Drink

Czech style Pilsner beer is known around the world and Prague is filled with some of the greatest beer. Eastern Czech Republic is where majority of the wine is made so most places in Prague will serve local wine. 

Prague is home to many great international restaurants which cater to any palette. Once you arrive, you can look over our expat survival guide, which lists all of the amazing restaurants to eat at in Prague.


Architecture & History

Prague is home to some breathtaking views and an array of phenomenal architecture. With over 5 million tourists visiting Prague a year, the city has become a place full of opportunities, a city emanating life, colour and whole-hearted communities. Click the link for our recommendations!



Prague is renowned for its nightlife, and every person can find a place to suit his or her tastes. Beer gardens are popular during the summer months, providing beautiful views of the city, live music, and a chance to relax outdoors. If you prefer a more adventurous night, there are many discos to choose from, such as Nebe, Lucerna, Roxy, Mecca, and Duplex. If a night of dancing isn’t what you are after, then a more casual hospoda (a.k.a. pub) is in order. Czech people love going to pubs and discussing any topic over a beer. Beer in Prague costs anywhere from 20-40 CZK (1-2USD) and is usually cheaper than water!


Art & Culture

Standing as true testament to its reputation, Prague is a worldwide leading destination for art aficionados. It harbours countless events throughout the year, be it fashion shows, sporting tournaments, festivals or international art exhibitions. This city is a clear competitor to places such as Berlin, London and New York City. Head over to our Art & Culture page for the best places to visit!



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