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Standing as true testament to its reputation, Prague is a worldwide leading destination for art aficionados. It harbours countless events throughout the year, be it fashion shows, sporting tournaments, festivals or international art exhibitions. This city is a clear competitor to places such as Berlin, London and New York City.

Notable happenings include their open-air dance and black-light theatre performances through the summer months. One of the many institutions, Tanec Praha (Dance Prague), holds a festival annually between May and June. Alternatively, you could head over to the Old Town and pay a visit to Klementinum for a classical concert. Meanwhile, in keeping with the prominent jazz scene in Prague, Bohemia Jazz Fest takes over the city for three days in July, during it’s tour of the Czech Republic. Bohemia also provides free open-air jazz in the Old Town Square.

In addition to the country’s own home-grown festivities, Prague also plays home to international music tours; Rihanna’s ANTI tour, supported by The Weeknd and Big Sean being an example. With stadiums such as the o2 Arena and concert halls including Obecní dům (Municipal House) and Forum Karlín, or even the Cargo Gallery boat - which hosts concerts on it’s lower deck - Prague is never short of exhilarating entertainment and must-see events.



Playground of Czech painter, Alfons Mucha and birthplace of Modernist writer, Franz Kafka, Prague has a deep interwoven history within the arts. If you have a yearning for exploring the city’s rich cultural history, then it is likely you’ll be frequenting the grounds of Prague’s many distinguished art galleries and museums. If you’re a photography nut, then you should definitely try the Leica Gallery, named after their prestigious Leica cameras that have been in production since 1914. Entry for an adult is a ridiculously affordable 70 Kč, considering the gallery regularly houses work such as Jim Marshall’s photography portfolio of The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. If, however, your tastes are more classically inclined, perhaps the Lobkowicz Palace at Prague Castle will appease your appetite. Enclosed as part of Prague Castle, the Lobkowicz Palace showcases unusual antique musical instruments, in addition to the rare manuscripts of Beethoven and Mozart. Alongside this treasure trove, it also has on display a range of 12th-20th century masterpieces as well as mini-concerts, complemented with lunch.


Recommended Art Galleries:

DOX Center for Contemporary Art Poupětova 1, Prague 7
Leica Gallery Prague Leica Gallery Prague, Ŝkolská 28, Prague 1
MeetFactory Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Prague 5
Museum Montanelli Nerudova 13, Prague 1
Hunt Kastner Gallery Bořivojova 85, Prague 3
FUTURA Center for Contemporary Art Holeĉkova 49, Prague 5
The Chemistry Gallery Bubenská 1, Prague 7
Dvorak Sec Contemporary

Dlouhá 5, Staré Město Prague 1 

Galerie 35M2 Vita Nejedlého 23, Prague 3


Recommended Museums:

Charles Bridge Museum Krizovnicke namesti 3, Old Town, Prague 1
Czech Museum of Music Karmelitska 2, Lesser Town, Prague 1
Jewish Museum Prague 1
Lobkowicz Palace at Prague Castle Jirska 3, Castle District, Prague 1
Mucha Museum Panska 7, Kaunicky Palace, New Town, Prague 1
Museum of Communism Na Prikope 10, New Town, Prague 1
National Museum Wenceslas Square 68, New Town, Prague 1
Prague City Museum Na Porici 52, Florenc, Prague 8
Villa Amerika Dvorak Museum Ke Karlovu 20, Vinohrady, Prague 2


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