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You’ve already come to this page, so there’s not much more talking we need to do to inform you how spectacular Prague is. Perhaps you’ve always thought of the idea of packing up and moving to Prague as far-fetched? Maybe the idea of travelling and moving abroad anywhere has always seemed like an implausible dream. Well, we’ve put together some useful information that showcases exactly how cheap it is to live in Prague and all the wonderful opportunities it has to deliver.

Read on for lists of costings for particulars such as groceries, entertainment and healthcare. You’ll also find included, a handy guide to the history, culture and nightlife of this bustling city, alongside our recommendations. So, what are you waiting for? Get stuck in and we’ll be sure to see you soon!



Basic dinner out for two 417Kč
Full course dinner, with drinks for two in the city’s expat area 963Kč
Regular lunch with a drink in the commercial district 139 Kč
Big Mac or similar in a fast food establishment 132 Kč
Glass of wine/A cocktail downtown 123Kč
Pint of beer/pivo 1/2 pint 33Kč
Cup of coffee in the city’s expat area 52Kč
1x Packet of Marlboro cigarettes 92Kč
1 min. of call time of a standard pay-as-you-go phone 4.10Kč
2x Cinema tickets 335Kč
2x Theatre tickets (best seats) 1,640Kč
Museum typical admission price

Adult 50 Kč

Concessions 25 Kč

Family 90 Kč

Art gallery typical admission price

Full 150 Kč

Concessions 80 Kč

Family 200 Kč

Gym monthly membership 1,019Kč
Swimming pool Adults from 60Kč - 150Kč
Public Transport  
Monthly pass 541Kč
One-way pass 24 Kč
24 hr pass 110 Kč
5 month pass 2450 Kč
Outer city pass 32 - 40 Kč
Taxi ride, basic daytime tariff at 5 miles 270Kč


The Czech Republic has a renowned pastime of rock-climbing, accounting for the numerous climbing hangar - “boulder bars” - in the city. A single trip to a boulder bar usually equates to about 108Kč.


Grocery list:

500g of boneless chicken breast 76 Kč
1ltr whole fat milk 22 Kč
Dozen large eggs 46 Kč
1kg tomatoes 42 Kč
500g local cheese 78 Kč
1kg apples 29 Kč
1kg potatoes 16 Kč
0.5ltr domestic beer in the supermarket 15 Kč
1 bottle of good quality red wine 149Kč
2ltr bottle of Coca-Cola 33 Kč
Standard loaf of bread 16 Kč


Health & Beauty: 

50ml deodorant 103Kč
Standard shampoo 120Kč
Standard conditioner 120Kč
Toothpaste 57Kč
1 box of standard tampons 67Kč
Pack of 4 toilet rolls  34Kč
Standard size of laundry detergent 256Kč
Pack of cold medicine (for 6 days) 139Kč
12 doses of antibiotics 220Kč
15 minute appointment with a private doctor 558Kč
Men’s haircut in the expat area 348Kč
Women’s haircut in the expat area 300 - 500Kč



Pair of jeans (such as Levis) 1,915 Kč
Dress from the high street 1,171 Kč
A pair of trainers (such as Adidas) 2,211 Kč
Pair of leather shoes 2,617 Kč
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