Public Transportation:

Trainees will be given a 1-month public transportation pass that will allow them to use any metro, bus, or tram in the city. 

Prague has a simple, colour-coded metro system, which makes travelling around the city extra easy. There are three lines for you to take - A, B and C - all of which are also identified as green, yellow and red. The city provides metro, tram, bus and commuter railway services, with trams running approximately every ten minutes. As with most cities, the public transport system is the cheapest form of getting around, with a monthly pass costing 670Kč. Most operations are suspended from midnight until later in the morning, however the city does provide a number of night services on the trams and buses. In terms of purchasing your transport ticket, a 90 minute ride (permitting transfers) costs 32Kč and a 30 minute ride costs 24Kč. Make sure that if you are travelling with luggage (e.g a suitcase), you purchase a discounted ticket for that at 16Kč per piece of luggage. Bicycles are usually free of charge on trains, ferries, the funicular and trams, depending on time and selected route. There is the option of buying a pass that will last a month, 90 days, and even a year.

While it is possible to conveniently purchase a ticket at a tobacconist or information centre, as well as the vending machines provided within the stations, please be aware that you must validate your ticket in order to avoid a fine. Validating your ticket gives it a time-stamp, and allows the officers on your mode of transport to see when you began your journey and ultimately, how much longer your ticket is valid for. You should do this just once per ticket, at the beginning of your journey. When entering the metro station, you should see a yellow or orange machine. Align your ticket with the white space on the machine, face-up until it sounds a light bell noise and imprints your time stamp on the ticket. If you are taking the tram, you'll see the yellow machine on the tram itself, so make sure you don't forget! Ticket inspectors can check you have a pass at any time and often are not in uniform so it really is not worth the risk.

Ticket vending machines manual (PDF file - 116 KB)


If you are planning on using a taxi service, be mindful of hailing cabs, for example, those parked outside train stations or hotels. To avoid a higher fare, we advise you call a private taxi company or hail a taxi from an app, such as Uber. See below for our recommended taxi services.


Recommended taxis:

AAA Radiotaxi tel. 14 0 14 or 222 333 222
City Taxi tel. 257 257 257
Profi Taxi tel. 14 0 15
Halotaxi tel. 2 4411 4411
Sedop tel. 777 666 333
Tick Tack taxi tel: 14 222 or 420 721 300 300



Apps for download:

  • UBER - Free app available for Android and Apple (registration required)
  • AAATaxi - Free app available for Android
  • Liftago - Free app available for Android and Apple
  • TaxiAgent - Free app available for Android and Apple
  • Modrý Anděl - Free app available for Android and Apple (registration required)
  • Nejlevnější Taxi Praha - Free app available for Android and Apple and via web-browsers
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