Visa Information

Visa requirements and Assistance:

In the Czech Republic there are two different types of visas for people looking to teach English.

  • Work Permit
  • Business Visa with a Zivnostensky License

Due to increased regulations with the Work Permit, we recommend getting a Business Visa and Zivno, because the process will be much quicker and easier with less paperwork. A Zivnostensky License allows you to contract out your English services and you are able to work for many companies at one time. 

In the Czech Republic the visa process can seem quite confusing if you don’t speak the language. While it is possible to do your visa on your own, we recommend going through a visa agency.

Hello Academies brings in a visa agent to talk about the process and discuss the services which they provide. They have English speaking employees, an excellent track record of obtaining visas, and great customer service.

We also recommend contacting your embassy and asking about the requirements for living and working in Prague prior to arriving in Prague to help prepare you for what the process will be like.


For more information on what kind of visa you'll need and how to apply for one, head over to

A checklist of documents and actions required throughout the process of your visa application is available on the Czech Government website:

You can find downloadable application forms for visas and residence permits here.


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