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Completed your TEFL course and have aspirations to travel Europe? Maybe even travel the world?

As you may well know, having a TEFL qualification is a great way to explore the globe, while simultaneously earning a living and getting some extra cash in your pocket. It’s no wonder why TEFL is so popular with a growing number of students and graduates. Having experience in TEFL will also enhance your resume, making it extremely attractive to employers. You’ll also be able to learn highly transferable skills and develop your understanding of other cultures.

So deciding where to start your next adventure can be daunting, with the vast array of options each providing you with opportunities to learn another language, yourself. So where will you explore first? TEFL teachers are spoiled for choice of location, afterall! Before you pack up and move yourself to another country, it is crucial that you make yourself aware of any cultural differences, expected average salaries and the general cost of living.

To help you make the best decision, we’ve put together lists of the top 5 most popular EU destinations for TEFL teachers, the 13 best destinations worldwide to teach with a TEFL qualification, in addition to the locations of the highest paid TEFL salaries, both in Europe and worldwide.


Teaching English in Prague

The city is full of regeneration and exciting creative growth, with a wealth of cool cafes, restaurants and pubs to it’s name. No doubt about it, Prague is hotly coveted by the young Czechs and cool expats of Prague.


Teaching English in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic offers two types of visas that will be of use to you, should you decide to stay on in the country upon completing your TEFL course. In order to process your visa as soon as possible, it is essential that you begin the process as quickly as you can.


Teaching English in Europe

Why not traverse across Europe? Teaching in Europe, you have the possibility of moving from one country to another, as travel between these destinations is often remarkably easy and affordable!


Teaching around the world

Next step, how to travel the world off the back of a TEFL qualification!


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