When choosing a TEFL course, it is always important to find out if a program is externally accreditated. Being accredited means that the course meets strict requirements and has been vetted by a higher organization. Specifically, this means that an accreditated course:

  • follows regulations set by an accreditation board
  • meets internationally-accepted standards in the training of English teachers to speakers of other languages
  • provides course content that has been reviewed and approved
  • has facilities for students that are up to standard 
  • is known as a respectable and worthwhile course to take

Hello Academies TEFL course in Prague is externally accredited and monitored by IATQuO. They are an accreditation board in charge of monitoring and regulating TEFL courses all throughout Europe.


So why choose Hello Academies?

Our TEFL course focuses on the practical training you receive while here on the ground (after all - isn't that a major difference between taking the course in person vs. online?). Not only will you receive more hours of hands-on teaching practice, but we also offer the opportunity to work with students of different ages and language levels. For more information about why Hello Academies is right for you, head on over to read about the course overview.

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Hello Academies is fully accredited.
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