What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

A TEFL certificate can open up a world of opportunities to teach in exotic places such as South Korea, Vietnam, China, Poland, and of course, the Czech Republic. Once you get your TEFL certificate the opportunities to teach around the world are endless.

There are two ways to get your TEFL certificate: Online or in class. We recommend doing a TEFL program where you will have actual hands-on teaching experience, so that you can put everything you learn into practice.

A 4-week TEFL course will prepare you to become the best possible teacher and by the end of your TEFL course you should feel confident about your ability to teach.


What to consider when choosing a course?

  • Accredited by an external accreditation board
  • Over 100 hours
  • Provides real teaching experience
  • Has trainers that are experienced in their field
  • Has a good reputation



For more information on TEFL, head over to our FAQ page.






  • TEFL students on Charles Bridge in Prague
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